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Apr 27, 2021

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On the Leftist Condition

By Vico Vera

Moldbug being lit

I am exhausted. I messed up my sleep schedule once again yesterday and decided to stay awake all night. Although something good came from it. I did a little trolling. We do be doin a little trolling, eh? I really don’t know how to structure this, so I’m just writing whatever comes to mind. This paper will be an expression of my ideology. Pure expression of schizo-retardation. Why? Because it’s fun. It liberates me. I think idk. Why did I reactivate my TikTok account, you ask? So I could put “schizo-retard” in my bio. I’ll admit, I’m obsessed with these external identifiers as much as the next guy. I’ll never put my race or sexuality in my bio, though. I’d never stoop that low. Would you really come any closer to knowing my subjectivity if I told you my sexual preference or any other indicator imposed on me by society? Sure, you’d know my willingness to succumb to these societal pressures, but that’s the difference between my identifiers and yours. My identifier is . Your identifier was thrust upon you unwillingly. You chose to stay a slave to it. I didn’t. But even more importantly, my identifier has the word “retard” in it, and that’s always fun.

The question that I’m sure most of you want answered pertains to whether or not I’m genuine as a reactionary. But if it were true that I was genuine, there’s no way I could tell you. If I wasn’t genuine, that’d also be counter-productive to my goal, so now what? The only solution is for you to guess! Chance makes life exciting. Harvey Dent was an admirable man, at least how he was portrayed in the Christopher Nolan movie. Good thing he never left anything up to chance! I’ve been writing for about 25 minutes now, and I realize that I haven’t really started yet. What was this essay about? Oh yeah, my descent into based-ness. Wait. I’m so hungry. I’m a go get some food, I’ll be right back.

Okay, I’m back! There were three main points in my ideological transition recently.

  1. A rejection of atomized individualism
  2. A lack of faith in anarchism
  3. A general disdain towards markets, especially how they seem to operate under certain conditions

Atomized individualism, the crudest and most barbaric social ontology that can easily be paralleled with the ontological position known as “bundle theory”, I’ve come to realize as fundamentally untenable. It is clear to me that the individual and the collective are codependent existents that both give meaning to the other. If one cares for the individual, one must uphold the collective and vice versa. Neither have life without the other. Conceptualization requires negation. To be an individual is to be anything that isn’t an individual, and to be a collective is to be anything that isn’t a collective. But these terms are opposing. Given that these terms keep the other alive, the collective is most important thing for the individual, and the individual is most important thing for the collective. No existent, however, is opposing to the other term, this for Hegel, is conceptually barbarous.

“An distinction by its very nature would be self-contradictory, for it would cut off all connection between the things it distinguished. It would annihilate the relation implied in the distinction, and so it would annihilate the distinction itself.” (Caird,

And so we establish the satisfying relationship of the opposing terms, the individual and the collective.

As for anarchism, I could talk about… I passed out. We back! I’m a be honest, I do not wanna finish this aspect of the paper. I just wanna rant about leftists and their dogmatism. You could say I had a subconscious epiphany in my 4-hour sleep. The reason why I’m no longer an anarchist is irrelevant, at least for this essay.

My negative disposition towards markets is surely known to most of you through my essay “A Bag of Chips” but if not, I recommend you head there.

Now, onto the contemporary leftist condition. Leftists are miserable, social capital-addicted, unempathetic retards. But even blessing them with, what I consider as, the sacred label of “retard” is more than they deserve. A friend of mine asked me yesterday why I was “canceled. This inquiry seemed so strange to me; how do you not know the answer? The answer is the same for every single person who has ever been canceled. Why was I canceled? I didn’t conform. The moral arbiters on the left hate nothing more than for someone to divulge from the consensus. NRx? Isn’t that like white nationalism or something? Canceled. It’s incredible how the homepage of Moldbug’s blog, “Unqualified Reservations”, explicitly mentions how the rationalwiki page on neoreaction is slanderous, yet people never care to look further than it. The funniest thing about all of this is that every tweet mentioning me, every attempt to isolate and ostracize me, every pathetic and weak-minded leftist who has tried to impose their will upon others in this manner in the past 24 hours are only proving my point. You could’ve won. You could’ve not reacted. But no, you lack the ability to think. Mars is a fascist? Let’s spam her comments and boost her video! “Ratio!”

I’ve gained enough social capital to satiate my desire for validation from other retarded leftists. I’ll wait till the next cycle of othering. Do leftists not realize that making fun of Mars’ sexual assault, her miscarriage, and her addiction is what drives people to the right? To the “alt-right” (something I’ve been falsely accused of by morons) even? Do they not realize that ultimately they come off as inhumane disgusting people to everyone else that isn’t them, or are they too stuck in their own little bubble?

As for the accusations of Moldbug or myself being “alt-right”, “fascists”, “nazi-sympathizers”, “race realists”, etc., these are all unfounded and baseless. These claims can only come from people who either haven’t read Moldbug’s work, haven’t read it honestly, or have read it honestly but are too braindead to interpret it with any sort of nuance. Anyone interested in concrete on this further explanation can reach out to me personally. I’m in the middle of writing this, and honestly, I feel some doubt. Am I writing about this in the most productive manner? Are polemics to this degree helpful? Is this truly practical? Meh. I’m too retarded to be practical. Those who I want to understand will understand. Those who I don’t care for, well… I don’t care. I think I was intellectual enough in the atomized individualism section of the paper to write like a schizo for the rest of it. Luckily, writing like a schizo has become a hobby of mine. Me writing this is like me looking into a mirror — a never-ending infinity of self-realization. Every time you recognize something, you, at least implicitly, know your recognition. Does this cycle ever end? I don’t care. But I remember Rand writing something about this once. I think she viewed this obsession with paradoxes as nihilistic. She and Objectivists also tend to view the left as fundamentally nihilistic, i.e., worshippers of non-value. Destroyers of value, even. I was told to go outside on TikTok a few times today. Maybe they’re right. I’ve been inside my house for over a year now due to COVID. Something bad just happened. Man, I really hate leftists. This is my real motivation for writing this. They just annoy me. Do I care about Moldbug’s state structure? No, I don’t care. I just want to shit on leftists.

I must ask to all those harassing others in my comments for following me, are you fulfilled by that? I don’t mean to say that fulfillment comes from one thing for all people. I mean, I feel fulfilled by writing an essay about kids being retards on TikTok, so I guess I’m not one to judge, but what do you gain from that? Do you feel better about yourself? Superior to those who you reply to because you “knew I was bad” before they did? It seems pathetic to me, is all. I was planning on pointing out specific people who did this, but you know who you are. Most notable are the interactions that go in “my favor”. Conde and Chris are so based. Stay sigma, retards. It’s been said that I don’t want liberation of any kind. Usually, I’m a fan of ironic humor. Still, it seems to me like the people who said this weren’t aware of the irony here. I am more liberated than you. That’s why I say retard, retard. Schizo-retardation is the ideology of the liberated. Liberated by societal impositions, by slave morality, by the culture of leftism. Our goal is to liberate ourselves. Remember, kids, Barack Obama is a progressive, and so are you. I was gonna end it here but now I feel like I didn’t dunk on leftists enough. You guys are just weird. To everyone else in society, you guys are weirdos. You’re counter-productive to your own goals. Even if I shared your ideals I wouldn’t behave the same ways you do. You speak of race abolition yet utilize identity politics as if those aren’t contradictory. You speak of gender abolition yet hold on so dearly to these external identifiers like pronouns. You realize that the more you connect yourself with these identifiers that society has forced upon you, especially ones considered to be held by “minorities” the more you oppress yourself, no? Society thrusts upon me the identifier of “white”, “bisexual”, “non-binary” etc. yet I refuse to accept them. Why don’t more leftists do the same? It seems as if you guys are scared to genuinely dismantle the system you so desperately oppose. Fucking liberals. I won’t lie, I’m a liberal too. But I’m less liberal than you so I win. How was I supposed to end this? Oh yeah, Barack Obama or something. Stay schizo, sigmas.